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The Spring Feasts of the Lord:

A Prophetic Picture of Christ's First Coming

  • four main sessions

  • a Passover Seder meal

  • family activities

  • singing

After God brought the people of Israel out of Egypt, He gave to Moses a blueprint for passing down their spiritual heritage through annual family traditions.  These Feasts of the Lord were much more than just the commemoration of national historic events.  They were prophetic pictures that would find their fulfillment in the Messiah, the Promised One God would send to deliver not only Israel, but also the entire world, from the dominion of Satan and sin.  Many of our hymns focus on the events of these feasts that were fulfilled in Christ.


The Fall Feasts of the Lord:

A Prophetic Picture of Christ's Second Coming

  • four main sessions

  • building a Sukkah

  • family activities

  • singing


After God brought the people of Israel out of Egypt, He gave to Moses seven annual Feasts of the Lord, religious family holidays for passing down their spiritual heritage.  Just as the spring feasts gave prophetic insights into the first coming of the Messiah, the fall feasts are filled with prophetic significance about the second coming of the Messiah.  Before He ascended up into heaven, Jesus promised that He would return.  The fall feasts give us clues and signs about Christ's second coming.


Written in the Heavens

  • four main sessions

  • constellation workbook activities

  • night-time constellation identification

  • two family devotionals

  • songs related to the stars

Many Christians have shied away from learning the constellations, and particularly the zodiac constellations, because of their association with astrology.  In doing so, we have forgotten the much more ancient biblical truth that God placed the stars in the sky for signs and seasons.  A study of the stars and of the ancient star charts is not only fascinating but also enlightening, leading us to worship the God who "made the stars also."  Woven throughout each session are many Scriptures that uncover the depth and breadth of the Gospel.

{This retreat could be given as four consecutive main sessions or as four seasonal retreats focusing on each season's constellations. Optional night star viewing.}

the constellations.jpg

Read, Write, and Spell

Reading, writing, and spelling aren't so difficult if you know the patterns! In this retreat, hear how the a unique spelling curriculum, Spellbound, came to be and learn how to use it effectively for yourself and your own children. 

front slide 5_601x250_edited.jpg

Scare-Free Essays: 7 Easy Steps

Dump. List. Organize. Write: introduce and summarize. Refine.

Writing essays is as simple as drawing a stick figure! First make the simple lines of a circle for a head, and lines for the body, arms, and legs. Give the person some clothes, put on a hat and shoes, and add
embellishments by coloring the drawing, sticking a feather in the hat, or adding jewelry. A similar process can turn you into a successful essay writer.

Kid's Drawing
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