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Bible Studies

Come, my children, listen to me, and I will teach you the Fear of the Lord. Psalm 34:11 It is clear from this verse that this is one of our parental responsibilities, perhaps the most important one God has placed as a sacred trust in our hands to pass on to our children. Other verses such as "The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge" and "The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" reveal the importance of this subject to undergird all educational efforts and pursuits as well as to supply the necessary foundation for the training of all other life skills, whether relational, business, personal, or spiritual. From other verses, it’s obvious that the effect is to keep us from evil of all kinds, and to bestow the blessings of not just long life, but a good life and of knowing we have the attentive eyes and ears of Almighty God focused upon us. But what exactly is it? These are the first 25 lessons in a verse-by-verse look at each reference to the Fear of the Lord.

In the Bible, the Holy Spirit describes the Word of God through the use of metaphors. These word pictures give us much fodder for meditation. By employing tangible objects, God enables us to comprehend the various effects His Word can have upon our lives. The more we meditate on these divine illustrations, the more we begin to see the power of the Word of God.

Prayer . . . a topic laced with questions and often bewilderment. It is simple, yet shrouded in mystery. We desperately need it—and we most often use it in times of desperation, yet we primarily neglect it. It is loaded with promises, yet we seldom avail ourselves of them. We try it, and don't seem to get results so we lose heart. We define it simply: talking with God; but it seems so complex. Here are some thoughts, studies, and practical helps on the journey to discover our greatest power source.

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