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Online Astronomy Course




Two-Part Course Material

Part One

Introductory Module: 

  1. How and Why I became interested in this study

  2. Two-Part Course overview

  3. Astrology vs. Astronomy

  4. Basic Astronomy Terms

  5. Prophetic Overview of the Gospel in the Stars

  6. Why God Used Pictures and Symbols​​

Module 1: Spring Constellations (12 sessions: 3 zodiac constellations with their 3 decans)

Module 2: Summer Constellations (12 sessions)

Module 3: Autumn Constellations (12 sessions)

Module 4: Winter Constellations (12 sessions)

Part Two

Module 1: 

  1. Movement of the Stars 

  2. Latitude Location

    3-6. Finding Your Way around the Sky: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter


Module 2: Attributes of God Revealed in the Stars (7 sessions)

Module 3: Astronomical Bodies

  1. Planets

  2. Moon

  3. Sun

  4. Meteors

  5. Other Astronomical Bodies

  6. More about Stars

  7. Fun Facts to Know and Tell

  8. More Astronomy Terms


Module 4: Other Astronomy Info

  1. Bethlethem Star

  2. Star Metaphors in the Bible

  3. Telling Time by the Stars

  4. Brief History of Astronomy

  5. Astrophotography

  6. Star Catalogs

  7. Equipment for Your Own Stargazing

  8. World Telescopes and Dark Places


Bonus Module:

  1. Spring Feasts of the Lord

  2. Fall Feasts

  3. Course Review

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