The Gift of Grace: A Journey Through Romans

Modern (and by this I mean for the past 50-100 years) presentations of the Gospel have been based on a series of individual verses put together to form a package outline.  Unfortunately, this approach has taken verses out of context and we've essentially been taught that the salvation Christ came to offer is a ticket to heaven.  Because of this we've missed the real gift Jesus Christ came to give us.   By defining Bible words in easy-to-understand terms and using concrete  illustrations that bridge to eternal truths, this retreat walks through the book of Romans to lay before us the full scope of the Gospel, its breathtaking beauty, its awe-inspiring worship, and—best of all—its day-to-day relevance to our lives.  Each session ends with a time of prayer. 

This retreat consists of:

  • four main sessions
  • two personal Bible study devotionals
  • optional:  one monologue (See monologue topics/characters.  Monologues suggested for this retreat are A Mother's Ponderings, Touching His Garment, or Me in the Dock—this drama is under construction and uses 3 people.)


Introduction:  The True Gift of Grace

I will never forget the day when the Holy Spirit shone the light on Romans 6:23.  It literally caught my breath, for it was a completely different understanding from I'd thought previously, having memorized that verse as a child.  This brief introduction shares that insight and paves the way for all the gifts contained within it.


1st main session:  The Gift of Forgiveness

To fully understand and appreciate this aspect of the Gift of Grace, we must first come to terms with our own sinfulness—and this is where Romans starts us off.  Jesus Himself said that those who are forgiven much, love much.  This session unwraps the blessed gift of forgiveness through Christ, but this is only the beginning of the complete gift of grace.


2nd main session:  The Gift of Faith

One little preposition can make a huge difference in our understanding of the Gospel.  Relying heavily on John's Gospel to fully understand this gift of faith, through this session we begin to catch a glimpse of what our identity in Christ offers us.  This gift puts shoes on our spiritual feet as we walk out the Gospel in daily living.  Suddenly Romans 10:9-10 comes alive in a whole new way.


3rd main session:  The Gift of Freedom

Sometimes in his letters Paul uses the word freedom in a way that makes us uncomfortable, and we begin to fear that if we take him literally it will make people think they have the license to sin.  Paul anticipates our misunderstanding and boldly leads us into the full light of the freedom Christ offers us.  It is glorious—and even a bit scary—as we stand at the top of the mountain of God's grace and view the wonder of all He has won for us.  From this vantage point we gain many practical insights for daily living.


4th main session:  The Gift of Fullness

Having climbed the mountain of God's grace and seen the glories of all Christ has won for us, why do our lives seem to fall so far short?  Is there an answer to the discrepancy between what I know of the Gospel and the reality of how I actually live?  There is.  And the answer is so marvelous, so astoundingly incredible; it is what sets Christianity apart from all other religions.  In this session Rebecca shares another breath-catching a-ha moment from her study of Romans.


Personal Quiet Time 1:  The True Gift of God

Using unique but simple Bible study methods, this time-alone-with-God leads each individual on a personal discovery of truth from the book of Romans. 


Personal Quiet Time 2:  Using the Gift of Grace

This study again uses very simple, but powerful, Bible study methods, that carries each individual deeper into the book of Romans.  Mixing the study with prayer, this guide will give meditation fodder for days to come.