The Fear of the Lord, Study 7

Exodus 15:11


Who is like You, O Lord, among the gods?  Who is like You, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?


Read the context:  Exodus 15:1-21

What had God just done for them?  Make 2 lists from this passage:  1) the actions of God, and 2) the names and attributes of God.

In the verse for today, to whom is God being compared?  It is a rhetorical question.  Write down your answer to the first question.  Elaborate a bit, affirming Him as your God.

Then the verse lists 3 ways in which God is far above other gods.  Make 3 columns with these three as headings.  Take a few minutes to brainstorm about each of the headings.  What does it mean that He is “glorious in holiness,” “fearful in praises,” and “doing wonders”?  List things about God’s holiness that come to mind.  Is it glorious to you?  What does “fearful in praises” mean?  Write down your ideas.  What wonders has He done, both in the Bible and more specifically in your own life? 

It takes time and effort to come up with those things, doesn’t it?  We’re so used to thinking about all the struggles we have, all the things we are wanting God to do, that we easily forget the things He has done for us, the glory of His holiness, and the magnitude of praise He is worthy of.  We are not much different from the people of Israel, who distrusted God’s ability to help them as soon as the next difficulty came along (Exodus 15:22-27); they immediately turned to complaining and fear, even anger, disgruntled at every obstacle they had to face.  They failed to understand that every obstacle or trial simply presented another opportunity for them to see and experience the magnificent power and love of God on their behalf.  Oh, may God give us eyes of faith to see this!

Father, help us to turn from our fears and distrust, our aversion to trials, and with uplifted faces, eyes on You, wait in eager expectation of Your strong deliverance.  Teach us that these obstacles give us opportunities to truly experience the fearfulness of Your praises.

What synonym(s) would you use to replace the word “fearful” to capture its essence?  Do you think of God in this way?  Do you praise Him like this?  He IS this whether we do or not. 

Spend some time mentally putting yourself in His glorious, awesome, fearful Presence.  Stay there – until your heart and mind are quiet and you are filled with the wonder and majesty of God.  One by one put the things you fear, the things you are wrestling with, the trials you are currently dealing with before this glorious, mighty God who cares for you.

Then, wonder of wonders, acknowledge that it is this God who has promised and has in fact come to live inside you, to be with you forever, to help you, to transform you into His image.  Let that lead you to “fearful praise”!! 

As you get up from this study to face the humanly insurmountable obstacles of this day (and there will be some), ask God to remind you of His great and glorious and awesome Presence within you.

Add to your Fear of the Lord list any new things you learned from this study.