Get to Know the Smalls

Small Family

Dan and Rebecca (known as Becky to many) have seven children and currently thirteen grandchildren.  They worked on the mission field in the Philippines in the early 1980s, Dan pastored a growing church in the north Dallas area for a few years, and they worked in camp ministry both in Alaska and in Washington state.  While on the mission field, they began to homeschool their children.  That homeschool commitment lasted for thirty-three years, with 2016 being the year their youngest daughter graduated from high school.

After graduating from college, their oldest son, Jeremiah Small, went to teach at a Christian school in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq.  In 2012, his seventh year as a teacher there, he was shot in his classroom by one of his students.  This story is chronicled briefly in the book Dan produced along with Kea Hufford, a close friend from Alaska, entitled Reflections.  During part of his time in Iraq, Jeremiah wrote emails every Sunday that began with a hymn and some of his own spiritual reflections.  Reflections, a devotional book, contains some of these hymns along with excerpts from his emails and photos from his camera.

Their other children are involved in home education as well as various aspects of church ministry and community organizations.  Links are given below to their blogs and music.

Between Dan and his wife Rebecca, many discipleship and educational materials were begun, but his death in 2015 from a rare bone marrow disease left these things largely undone.  His wife, who shared his vision, is now in the process of completing the things they had started and making them available in print and electronic format.  Some of the materials are Dan’s writings, some are Rebecca’s, and some are joint efforts; but all of them are birthed out of their lives together and their personal journey with the God who revealed Himself in Jesus Christ.

It is our hope and prayer that the development of these materials will help others in their own pursuit of the God of the Bible and in the discipling of their children.  May the Name of God and His Word be magnified (Psalm 138:2); and may we continue to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior until we all attain to the full stature of Christ, increasingly conforming our lives to His Word (II Peter 3:18, Ephesians 4:13, Colossians 1:10).  So let us know, let us press on together to know the Lord (Hosea 6:3).